Safety Applications as per the Pressure and Gas Appliance Directives

The safety of installations for the generation of steam, burnable gases and liquids is ensured by means of various forms of instrumentation. The monitoring of fuel supply and the pressure monitoring of the steam generator must be performed using devices certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive or the Gas Appliance Directive.

Pressure monitors and pressure limiters for steam boiler conforming to TRD 604 and for hot water constructions according to DIN EN 12828 are safety-relevant components and are thus classified in category 4 of the Pressure Equipment Directive. FEMA pressure monitors and limiters are certified according to Vd-TÜV Druck100/4 and DIN EN 12952-11 and DIN EN 12953-9.

Pressure monitors for gases according to DVGW worksheet G260 are manufactured according to the specifications of the Gas Appliance Directive EU/2009/142/EG as well as according to DIN EN 1854. Honeywell FEMA has tailor-made products for a wide variety of applications. Ex-proof models are available for installations in which explosive gas mixtures can arise in the proximity of pressure equipment. For Ex-relevant areas, FEMA offers a number of Ex-proof models.

Pressure monitors for flammable gases and liquid gases


Pressure monitors and pressure limiters

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Certified temperature monitors and limiters

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