Safety Applications as per IEC 61508

In process plants, besides ensuring process safety by means of process instrumentation, it is also necessary to enact measures to provide for the safety of the plant, itself. Above all else, design measures should guarantee basic safety. Additionally, alarm plans, protective shelters, and fire extinguishing systems are required to ensure the safety of personnel. Another important measure is reducing dwelling time in dangerous areas.

Once all of these measures have been implemented, the entire installation is subjected to a risk assessment using a risk graph as per IEC 61511. The result of this assessement determines the necessary SIL value for remaining actions ensuring 100% functional safety. This protective technology must employ SIL-conform equipment.

That is the usual procedure in the field of chemical engineering. Due to calculable risks, this principle of minimization is now acquiring greater currency in other areas of technology, as well, including in the area of machine construction as per IEC 62061 and combustion plants according to IEC 50156. The following FEMA pressure transmitters and pressure monitors can be used for safety instrumentation according to IEC 61508.

2-wire Pressure transmitters

Smart SN, Smart SN DIFF

Pressure switches