In ships and diesel locomotives, but also carnival rides (e.g., roller coasters), pressures and temperatures must be monitored. Thus, pressure switches and transmitters can be used to monitor shafts, the tank level, as well as the hydraulic and pneumatic control. Coolants in electrical generators and auxiliary systems must be monitored.

Bilge pumps, hydraulic lifts, pumps, and freshwater tanks must be monitored on the pressure side. Certified pressure monitors are used in particular to monitor the brakes in carnival rides.Components of air conditioning systems provide information for control technology. The contamination of filters and the smooth functioning of ventilation systems must be monitored. Certified pressure switches monitor waste gas plants. Thermostats are employed for the temperature regulation of storage facilities and machine rooms.

Pressure monitors for steam, hot water and gases


Electronic pressure switches, differential pressure switches, pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters


Mechanical and electronic flow monitors

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Differential pressure transmitters and differential pressure switches for air and waste gases