Ventilation and Air Conditioning

In air conditioning and ventilation systems, blowers and filters are monitored by measuring the differential pressure. Using differential pressure switches, it is possible to, e.g., transmit readings to a central control unit as soon as the filter has attained a specified degree of contamination.

Differential pressure switches can be employed both for the continuous monitoring of filters and the control of pressure differentials between rooms or zones.

Frost protection thermostats protect against freezing and flow sensors provide information on the condition and performance of blowers. In the hydraulic portion of these facilities, flow monitors and temperature sensor are employed.

Electronic pressure switches, differential pressure switches, pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters


Differential pressure transmitters

Differential pressure transmitters and differential pressure switches for air and waste gases


Frost protection thermostats and room thermostats

FT69 | T6120

Mechanical and electronic flow monitors

KSW | KSL | S6065 | S6040


H6045 | H6120