Pump Stations and Water Supply

Using FEMA pressure switches, differential pressure switches, and pressure transmitters, it is possible to safely and reliably monitor and limit pressures and differential pressures and to transmit them to central control units.

FEMA pressure switches and pressure transmitters with SIL classification and/or certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive are especially wellsuited for use in water purification plants, wastewater treatment plants, and to boost pressure. In water tanks, pressure transmitters are used to display the filling level and prevent overflowing. In pump stations, pressure switches and differential pressure switches provide protection against dry-running and are used to control pumping.

Pressure and differential pressure switches

also available in Ex-d versions


Electronic pressure switches, differential pressure switches, pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters


Mechanical and electronic flow monitors

KSW | S6065

Temperature sensors 


Pressure mediators / diaphragm seals for aggressive, viscous or crystallizing media