IECEx Certification

IECEx Certification

New! IECEx Certificate for FEMA Pressure Switches and Thermostats

We are pleased to be able to now present to you our new IECEx Certificate. The IECEx scheme was developed in order to simplify international trade with electrical equipment for explosion-protection zones. Especially for the export of goods into those countries – of which there are now 30 (including China, Korea, Australia, Malaysia, and Japan) – participating in the IECEx scheme, the certificate is mandatory. This certificate significantly simplifies export into these countries.
The IECEx Certificate is thus also an important part of the documentation of ex-protected components, and is frequently included in it. Additionally, the IECEx Certificate can also be downloaded from the website of the IECEx organization. Just go to and click "Print into pdf" to print out the certificate.
Thank you again for the trust which you place in our tested-and-proven ex-protected products.

[published on 25.02.2015]